Interior Design

My design style is to combine classic elements with clean and tailored upholstery, giving spaces a collected feel.  It’s important to look to elements from the past to capture a sense of tradition, but then simultaneously update the room to make it fresh for the way we live today.

My goal is to help my customers create their perfect design style,  drawing on timeless traditions of design that cover Modern, Rustic, Classic, Contemporary and Elegant styles. I incorporate the existing pieces in your living space to create your design style and specialize in:

  • Design Consultation
  • Updating your style
  • Color
  • Residential Design Services
  • Holiday/Party Decorating

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Residential & Commercial



Interior Decorating & Design Consultation
($150/2 hours) includes:

  • Time spent in Client’s home or Business to discuss the project details.
  • Designer & Clients share ideas, thoughts and visions to gain insight into personal preferences and desires of Client.
  • Walk-Thru of all areas and an initial assessment of the design possibilities for the space.
  • Project Budget
  • Design Plan


Residential & Commercial Design Planning

  • Choosing and matching fabrics to specifications
  • Researching & procuring furnishings and accessories
  • Development of a color palette of paints, finishes and treatments
  • Selecting project materials, such as flooring, tile and additional architectural elements
  • Design meetings with client
  • Design meetings with trade Contractors
  • Client communication


Inspirations & Choosing Design Elements

Clients serve as my greatest inspiration.  Many of them travel and want to incorporate their adventures into their design.  I like natural palettes from nature.  I feel they’re very calming and the colors go together extremely well.  Additionally,  I like to take my ideas and choose my design elements with textiles or rugs.  You have to pull a palate from somewhere and these are great “jumping-off” points.  I like to explore how rooms intersect and find inspiration in patterns of wallpaper, fabrics or textiles that can be repeated for a sense of cohesion.



Lawson Mill House Remodel


Marcie, a quick note of thanks. With Phase l of the Lawson Mill House complete, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for your work and delivery of a project that more than succeeded our vision and budget. We came to you with a limited budget for what we wanted and you we are able to use those funds and accomplish the main objectives.

– Freshen and update the paint color in the room. The Pewter Grey did that. Works great with the stone fireplace and is a neutral backdrop for the rest of the room and when we do phase ll.


– Replaced the dated and dysfunctional draperies and hardware. The plantation shutters could not be a better solution. They provide light control and a clean and classic look for that room. The finishing touch of the cornices with the Lawson “L” in the center completes the look.


– The replacing of all ceiling and wall lighting. WOW!!! The perimeter fixtures compared to what was there are outstanding and now work with the character of the room. The replacing of the 6 wrought iron chandeliers with the 4 ceiling fans and those two wonderful 32″ sphere chandeliers is nothing short of amazing. The lighting in the room has been improved and we now have air circulation with the fans.


– Lastly your overall attention to detail. Your recommendations to de-clutter the room, artwork arrangements, the small little details you picked up on and suggested we do all played into an updated room for our residents.


What I appreciated most was you willingness to listen and partner. You knew our budget and you stayed within that budget. Other designers I interviewed immediately went to clear the whole room out of everything and order all new. You did not. You selectively kept pieces that could be repurposed and gave them new life with a fresh finish or new placement or purpose. Anyone can start with a clean slate, but it’s a talent to meld the old with new and still achieved the desired outcome.


I look forward to working with you when phase ll is approved for the furniture portion. You were a pleasure to work.


– Dave

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